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Thomas Breugnot Interview

Since 2012, Thomas has been part of IOTA Group. His work on daily basis consists of providing satisfaction and value to our clients, consultants, partners between Senegal, Congo and Gabon. Discover his interview:


What does your role involve within IOTA Group?

After 6 years spent in Gabon in charge of the development and management of IOTA Gabon-Congo in January 2019 I joined Dakar in order to introduce and develop the IOTA Group brand and footprint in West Africa.

Today, I coordinate the activities of IOTA Senegal and contribute to the success of the other subsidiaries of the region.


What are your challenges in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Currently, we have a major regionalization project going on. As a matter of fact, we are present in 3 regions of Sub-Saharan Africa:

  • East Africa with IOTA Kenya and IOTA Uganda.
  • Central Africa with IOTA Gabon, IOTA Congo with ongoing development activities in Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon and Angola.
  • West Africa: We are operating all over the coast, from Nigeria (IOTA Nigeria) and to Mauritania via Senegal where we have had a regional office established.

In these territories, we continue to innovate and create tailor-made solutions centered on helping our clients to deploy their projects while meeting all the compliance rules required by the host countries.


How this regionalization will be  beneficial to your customers?

Regionalize does not mean divide or establish regional borders, quite the contrary!

In the form of a Think Tank, we bring together teams, partners, clients and our employees. We created this lively think tank inspired by an eco / geo-system for sharing contacts, successes and needs with the other regional subsidiaries of the group.

Let’s take the example of a client located in Kenya (East Africa) and another one located in Dakar (West Africa). For the latter, we will ensure a continuity of the activity, without losing information. The same applies for the teams approved by the client. They will be involved in the various project phases, geographically distributed without any constraints for the client.

IOTA Group is becoming the focal point for pan-African needs and projects while fully in control of the national environment.


What are the projects of IOTA Group in Senegal?

Following the presidential elections of February 2019 and the appointment of Mr. Macky Sall as President of the Republic of Senegal, we have many booming sectors:

  • Digital sector: infrastructure development and human capital formation for a true digital economy, generating thousands of jobs.
  • Oil and gas sector: a sector well known to our company. We will meet the needs of operators and their subcontractors by getting involved in their Oil & Gas recruitment and knowledge transfer plans.
  • Infrastructure sector: development of the territory at the transport infrastructures level (Motorway, Regional Express Transport, Mineral Terminal Project) as well as infrastructures for producing and transporting drinking water and electricity.


We move forward with our activities through a respectful implementation of the laws in effect in the countries of the sub-region, while developing the national human capital.


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