What can i do in Gabon? Local, Expatriates, discover our Top 5 places to see in Gabon!

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Since we are an international company, our local and expatriate consultants in Gabon regularly ask us these questions:

  • What can i do in Gabon?
  • What should I visit?
  • What can i do during my periods of 6×3 or 8×2 rotations  ?

That being the case, we would like to suggest our Top 5 places to go to during your rest periods, your holidays, or simply your free time in Gabon! Keep in mind that Gabon is a country rich in history, tradition and breathtaking scenery! Here is our best selection:


N°5 – Parc National de La Lopé

If you love elephants do not miss Lopé National Park, known for having the world’s highest density of elephants per square kilometer. Listed as a UNESCO heritage since 2007 as “Ecosystem and relict cultural landscape of Lopé-Okanda”, it will impress you with its rich fauna.


N°4 – Musée des Arts et Traditions du Gabon

You wish to find out more about the local culture? If that is the case do not miss visiting the National Museum of Arts and Tradition, located in the center of Libreville, nearby the sea. With its relics, its statues, and its ancestral art, it will take you on a ride through the ages! If you are more into the interaction, you can also visit the Virtual Museum of Arts and Traditions of Gabon. This way, you will have the opportunity to attend various traditional ceremonies that you could not access unless you are an insider.

Address: 763 Colonel Parant Avenue, Libreville, Gabon

GPS Coordinates: 0°33’21.2″N 9°30’01.9″E



N°3 – Notre-Dame de Lourdes

Spectacular from afar by its facade panels made of Azulejos (i.e. form of painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework), it is the most beautiful church you can discover in Libreville. By entering the enclosure of this cult place you will be attending the religious celebration in Latin. It is a unique activity allowing you to immerse yourself in the culture of the local population!

GPS Coordinates: 0°24’26.4″N 9°27’34.7″E


N°2 – Parc National d’Akanda

Created in 2002, it is the Gabon’s largest park for migratory birds and sea turtles! You will be amazed by its vegetation and the maintenance of its large green spaces. If you are currently in Libreville, you should know that this park is bordering the city!

GPS Coordinates: 0°33’21.2″N 9°30’01.9″E


N°1 – La Pointe de Saint Denis

“La Pointe de Saint Denis” is only 10 minutes from the capital (Libreville). It is a paradise island where calm and tranquility reign.

You will be amazed by its endless beaches with crystal clear water and its virgin forest ! You want to discover the magnificent spectacle of the birth of turtles? See you then between March and November! That’s when the baby turtles come out of their sandy nests to regain the waves!

GPS Coordinates: 0°19’07.7″N 9°21’59.9″E


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