With Der Mond Academy, we are very proud to participate for the establishment of a Training Academy in Senegal !

Training Senegal Der Mond Academy

Der Mond Group, through its subsidiary Der Mond Oil and Gas, has invested in the development of a training academy, Der Mond Academy, with the aim of creating employability and the development of skills and competency for the benefit of the people of Senegal and Senegalese-based companies.

This project is a joint-venture between Der Mond Oil and Gas and Techma IOTA, a company renowned for its training provision throughout the world especially within the Oil and Gas sector by providing Health, Safety and Environment courses in addition to the provision of Emergency Response Management.

The first phase of the investment is concentrated in Senegal, recognising that in the future the region will represent a dynamic hub within the petroleum and gas production sector from upstream to the downstream.

The challenge is to provide highly qualified personnel to satisfy the demands of the new energy industry and to include the Senegalese in the new emerging market as the Senegalese President Macky Sall’s moto always highlights: “La voie de l’émergence”.

La voie de l'emergence - Der Mond Academy
La voie de l’emergence – Der Mond Academy

The first course is set to commence at the beginning of July.

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