Since 2010, we operate in Asia through our subsidiary IOTA Malaysia!

Payroll Services - Portage Salarial - Gateways Services

What services do we offer at 10,000 km from our head office in Switzerland?

In addition to our flagship activities (Talent Resourcing, Global Mobility, Gateway Services, Recruitment Solution, Training, Expert Consulting), our Malaysian subsidiary specializes in payroll in Asia.


What is Payroll ?

This is a combination of the benefits of the employment and the autonomy of entrepreneurship. This status makes possible to work in independence and to exercise a professional activity in complete autonomy without creating a legal structure. It relieves the applicant of the administrative burden related to an economic activity and to benefit from a salary status tailor made.
Payroll is a guarantee of flexibility, autonomy and security. It concerns all profiles who have professional experience legitimizing their autonomy.
The payroll company invoices the client company on the basis of a contract and pays a salary to the self-employed person, which constitutes the remuneration for the service provided in the client company.

The self-employed person can then focus on and develop his core business.


What does IOTA Malaysia offer to international consultants?

You are in Asia and you have Malaysian clients?

IOTA Malaysia gives you the opportunity to operate within Malaysia and bill your services through a recognized expertise company.
We bring you our knowledge of the profession of consultant and our experience of the administrative management of missions in international payroll.

As an international payroll company, we manage all the administrative formalities related to your intervention that you have previously negotiated (salary, plane ticket, accommodation, travel expenses, local transport, etc.).

You explore and develop your business as you wish. You choose your missions and negotiate their conditions!

Specifically, IOTA Malaysia will establish two contracts that will reflect the negotiated terms:

  • A commercial contract between IOTA Malaysia and the client company.
  • A employment of contract between IOTA Malaysia and you.

We will become your ”Ad hoc” employer and manage your remuneration.


Today, our customers are :

  • Freelance in payroll.
  • Start up in payroll.
  • International consultant in payroll.
  • Retired on payroll.
  • Senior in payroll.


Contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.