Since 2004, We’ve been operating in Nigeria! Discover the interview with Antonio, our Resident Manager!

Antonio Moreno started his carrier at Bouygues Batiment International as a management controller, before moving to Nigeria in 2003.
He worked at the same company as a cost control manager in Calabar from 2003 to 2006 and then in Algeria from 2006 to 2009. From 2009, he joined IOTA Group as the resident manager in Nigeria. Today, he coordinates the activities of the subsidiary IOTA Nigeria.


What is your main focus in Nigeria and which business lines are performing better under the current economic environment?

Talent Resourcing has been and is still our core business. When we opened the subsidiary, It was more focused on the expatriates. Since 2010 we developed the local content heavily. Today, we employ 40 expatriates in the country and 80 Nigerians on talent resourcing.
We have also developed the recruitment, and our global mobility service for foreign companies that want to come and invest or stay in this country. More than providers, we are partners with our clients so we help them optimise their profits. We always try be imaginative in our way to collaborate to our clients.
Oil and gas is still our main sector of activity. We have also engaged ourselves to greater cater towards the energy and power sector.


How would you describe the business climate for those considering opening a branch in Nigeria?

This is the country to be in. In 2050, the country will have a population of 450 million. Europe is not developing at that rate, Asia is a competitive market and the US and South America are going through rough times economically, but Africa is the continent for hope in terms of development and there still many things to be done.


What do you expect for IOTA Nigeria short-term development?

We will continue to be close to our clients and meet their requests in terms staff and training while we diversify into other sectors to be able to maintain our activity in Nigeria.
Diversification will be key for everyone. Nigeria is blessed with resources. The government needs funds to be able to diversify into other sectors such as mining but it is also important to facilitate trade to be able to export, this is also a problem for agriculture companies. The Bank of Industry is making efforts to help companies and there are good opportunities.


Today, what are your future recruitments?

Currently, we are looking for local skills and expertise on Oil & Gas (Nigerian & Expatriates candidates). Discover our opportunities on our Website → Career IOTA Group