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Talent Resourcing is a comprehensive business activity and IOTA Group’s main success since 1982. IOTA Group’s Talent Resourcing is a ‘cut-to-sale’ solution leveraging all its core internal assets.
In a nutshell, when a team / project requires a specific technical input for a fixed duration and within a tight budget, IOTA Group will design a solution embracing those aspects and featuring the relevant expertise picked from its own specialists’ network.
The right industry professional, in the right place, at the right time and for the right duration: This is the goal set by IOTA Group’s Talent Resourcing Teams.


  1. Screening & Analysis: after a careful review of a customer’s requirements, IOTA group shortlists the best available experts from its own network.
  2. Background Check: when a first shortlist is established, IOTA group carries cross-referencing process focusing on the candidates’ work records.
  3. HSE Clereance: prior to any mobilisation IOTA group ensures each potential candidate meets the HSE requirements set by an internal policy and abiding by its customers’ HSE requirements.
  4. Feedback: IOTA group values its customers’ experience and will frequently seek for feedback to ensure that its expectations are met and exceeded and improved when and where necessary.


  • Earn access to IOTA’s network of International & National Specialists.
  • Operate tailor-made solutions.
  • Outsource technical Specialists supply chain liabilities.
  • Ensure operations / projects are fully compliant by international and domestics laws and regulations.
  • Apply stringent HSE policies.
  • Dedicated Account Manager.
  • Hire & release contractors with flexibility.
  • Receive accurate and timely ‘On ground’ in country support with administrativae and personnel related concerns.


IOTA Group’s Global Mobility solutions are designed for companies that operate overseas and face the challenge of international mobility for internal staff.
Global Mobility solutions leverage IOTA Group’s deep knowledge of strategic expatriation areas, IOTA’s in-country support teams and understanding of Customer projects’ requirements.
IOTA Group endeavours to offer flexible contracting options to create the best expatriation framework possible within the time and budget set by the Customer. For the entire length of the mission, IOTA Group remains in touch with the expatriate staff and accommodates their day-to-day requirements.


  1. Work scope. IOTA Group first carries a review of the scope of assistance required by the Customer, covering the related personnel, geographical, time and cost essentials
  2. Contracting schemes. On completion of the initial review, IOTA Group suggests relevant contracting schemes fulfilling the Customer’s initial requirements
  3. Social coverage. IOTA Group’s solution also offers the appropriate social cover strategy, including the following as applicable: medical & medevac policies, death and disability insurances, unemployment & retirement schemes
  4. Induction & clearances. Prior to departure, IOTA Group proceeds with comprehensive medical checks of all Designees, as per the work and travel requirements. The Designees also receive an HSE induction regarding the host country and specific expatriation advices for family relocation.


  • Purpose-designed international mobility policy.
  • Beneficiate of IOTA Group’s 36 years expertise across 60 countries.
  • Implement the relevant expatriation medical and insurance policies.
  • Operate in full compliance by the host country laws and regulations.
  • Receive a dedicated in country assistance.


Gateway Solutions is a comprehensive IOTA Group solution resulting from years of operation with International industrial partners across the most challenging regions of the world. Since 1982, IOTA Group kept on expanding its global footprint in 60 countries. IOTA’s network now encompasses 19 offices and 41 strategic agreements with trusted partners
Gateway solutions empower IOTA Customers’ projects, leveraging IOTA’s global presence, a strong command over the local supply chains and a deep understanding of the extractive and power industries’ major challenges


We strive to actively and ethically participate in the progress of emerging economies. This is an essential Value in IOTA Group’s dedication to develop and empower local skills and leverage diversity.


  • Work with a trusted project partner with proven success records
  • Secure the best contract scheme to deliver your project on time
  • Fast mobilisation lead times
  • Operate in full compliance
  • Mobilise project & operation teams safely
  • Instantly reduce time-to-markets à Engage new businesses and develop new markets in underdeveloped regions
  • Reduce overall project personnel costs


Based on a centralised Sourcing & Talent department and on a network of 10 talent acquisition hubs located on 4 continents, IOTA Group offers a powerful tool to screen, detect and secure those talents. IOTA Grouppositions itself as a strategic partner to the in-house Customer’s talent acquisition teams and undertakes to support them during challenging staffing phases.
IOTA Group is aware about the local content challenges faced by emerging industrial nations and International companies. IOTA Group plays a positive role promoting regional talents located in emerging provinces, connecting them to the leading regional industry stakeholders.


  1. Work scope : Based on the experience of its teams carrying multiple-scale recruitment campaigns, IOTA Group understands and supports its Customer’s staffing requirements
  2. Talent pre-screening : IOTA Group establishes the first candidates’ shortlist per the work scope, from its own specialists’ database
  3. Talent Evaluation : As per the defined work scope IOTA Group ensure the relevance of the candidate’s existing qualifications, skills and past work records
  4. Talent shortlist & interviews : For each position IOTA will put forward a prime shortlist and coordinate interviews for the Customer’s teams involved in the selection process
  5. Talent on-boarding : IOTA Group offers an ‘end-to-end’ solution and will also accompany the staffing process during the offer finalisation and on boarding process should the Customer require it


  • Earn access to 450’000 professionals specialised in the Extractive, Energy producing and Heavy industrial sectors.
  • Trust reliable and standardised procedures for talent identification, screening and acquisition.
  • Sustain and deliver heavy manning schedules and projects’ peak phases with IOTA’s strong in-house capabilities.
  • Reduce direct & indirect staffing / talent acquisition costs.


IOTA Group offers Training solutions to Customers investing in the development of their personnel or when required to fill in a competency gap within their organisation.
IOTA Group has built a dedicated core team of technical authorities able to train operational teams in-class and site based on-the-job (OJT).
A Customer may first require IOTA Group to carry an audit of its teams onsite, then design a specific training strategy and contents to close in the existing gaps.


  • Close in strategic gaps within production & operation teams
  • Manage critical skill transferring phasesa
  • Design and receive tailor-made training from top Industry authorities
  • Reduce your training costs


What is it related to? Emergency problems, technical issues, buying/selling opportunities, go/no-go, pre-executive meetings, cost reduction…
Our top senior VP and directors bring their 40 years of knowhow to help you find the best solution.

Usual interventionof our experts :

  • Assess delineation and / or development plans and associated productions
  • Assess the level of Opex versus field operational conditions
  • Assess water injection performances / reservoir behavior
  • provide independant advices / acting of sparing partner to strengthen decision making process before Executive commitees


  • Secured confidentiality 
  • Full independency
  • Former Top VP
  • Executive to provide pragmatic solutions