Our consultants, Damien and Didier, are employed as Erection and Commissioning Supervisor and have been working on a huge project in Switzerland for several months!

They are working on the construction of a 900 MW pumping-turbine power station in Switzerland.


How does it works ?
The operation of this future power station depends on the water level difference between two lakes. When the electrical needs are high, the water is stored in the first higher lake and then falls in the underground power station through two vertical wells of over 400 m high. It runs a turbine to produce electricity and it is then dumped into the lake below. Conversely, when electrical requirements are lower, the water from the lower lake is pumped to the upper lake. The plant will be able to store the electricity when there is surplus on the network.


What do our consultants do?
Damien and Didier work on the GIS substations for the evacuation of energy. These substations are components of the electrical grid used for both transmission and distribution of electricity. They make it possible to raise the electric voltage for its transmission, then to decrease it for the consumer use.
Thanks to the excellent contribution of our consultants, this plant will produce about 2.5 billion kWh per year, when it will be commissioned in 2018.


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