[Nuclear] CEFRI certification and UTO qualification for IOTA Group!

Nuclear - Nucléaire - UTO - CEFRI -radioprotection

Today, the French nuclear fleet is made up of 19 nuclear power plants composed of 58 reactors. Each reactor is constantly monitored by the Nuclear Safety Agency (ASN).
The EDF company, which operates the French nuclear fleet, has set up qualification systems for its service providers who operate in the power plants and its reactors.

These qualifications require the highest requirements in terms of radiation protection, safety, know-how in the nuclear sector.


Since February 2018, the French Committee for Certification of Companies for the Training and Monitoring of Personnel Working with Ionizing Radiation (CEFRI) has delivered the certification to IOTA Industrie, french subsidiary of IOTA Group, validating its unique expertise in France. In order to complete this national recognition, IOTA Industrie is now qualified by EDF’s Technical Operational Unit (UTO). UTO is an entity in charge of the selection, qualification and monitoring of external companies involved in the provision of services for EDF.


IOTA Industrie is now recognized in the field of quality assurance and nuclear safety with EDF.


Thanks to the exceptional work of our teams, including that of Vianney, we proudly display these certifications!

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