IOTA Group is pursuing its development strategy in Finland!

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Since 2015, we are part of the construction of the Nuclear Power Plant OL3 in Finland, located in the Olkiluoto area, 300 kilometers from Helsinki. This nuclear power plant will have a power generation capacity of 1600 MW.

To support the construction and commissioning phases, our client was looking for a partner located in Finland. This partner needed to be able to recruit, mobilize, legaliza and install international experts locally on this innovative project.
To meet the demand, we created an entity that could tackle this challenge.

Today, our commitment to this project is a success. We are currently on the Commissioning phase and the start of testing.

More than 60 consultants are working as Overall Commissioning Engineer, Commissioning Mechanical, Electrical Engineer, HVAC Engineer, PTW Officer, Mechanical Field Operator, I&C Commissioning Engineer TXP

After over Two year of great collaboration, IOTA Finland teams met in Rauma! It was an opportunity to exchange around a friendly and festive meal.

Thierry CUSIN, CEO of IOTA Group, would like to thank the participants for their implication in the project and their professionalism daily.

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