IOTA Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Techma, HSE training expert!

IOTA Group is proud to announce the acquisition of Techma!

Thierry CUSIN, our CEO, presents the challenges of this strategic acquisition:


Introduce us Techma, HSE training expert
Techma is an Emirati company, also presente in Iraq created in 2011, which provides technical training, mainly in the Oil and Gas industry, accredited in HSE (hygiene, safety and environment).
Two interesting points about Techma which impressed me:
Firstly, the managers developed an integrated model of Emergency Response, which made it possible to obtain interesting contracts on several operating sites in the Middle East. Techma is present in most countries in the region.
Secondly, they set up a training center in Basra, Iraq at a time when the country was going through a difficult period.
Without the commitment of the previous shareholders, nothing would have been possible. I wish to pay tribute to them.


What is the point of such an acquisition?
At our size, it is above all a story about people.
Our businesses were visibility complementarity at several levels, from activity to geography, but the maininterest was to bring committed people together through common values ​​(commitment, respect for others, quality of service and innovation), with a vision of tomorrow and concrete projects to offer our clients.


What is the future, common strategy?
Our common strategy is based on the desire to maintain our local presence in Africa and the Middle East. We want to integrate services with performance requirements and transfer knowledge into a responsible long-term approach.
Currently, a concrete project of 3D support is at the end of development and we will have an opportunity to communicate more about it in the near future.


What are the benefits for our clients and consultants?
Given the economic context, we all need to plan together with new relationships to succeed. Partnership, research and the integration of common solutions concern each company and each person. Changes are often perceived as a threat, but ultimately they generate a lot of enthusiasm!


For more information about Techma, our services (Talent ResourcingGlobal MobilityGateway ServicesRecruitment Solution, Training, Expert Consulting), and our opportunities, contact us!