Gateway Service: Guaranteeing the success of your projects!

Gateway service: Guaranteeing the success of your projects

Since 1982, creation of our company, Africa is central in our development.

Today strong of our 10 African subsidiaries (1) and a network of 18 partners (2), we continue our development and reinforce our knowledge of the local specificities in the fields of the immigration of the expatriate staff, the management of the tax environment, labor law for nationals and posted workers.

With these experiences, we have adapted to the needs of host countries and our customers, to model a new service: The Gateway service.

The Gateway Service is a service adapted to your development in Africa.


I. Do you want to work in Africa but you do not have a local entity? Do you have activities to conduct in Africa, but your company is not in the country of intervention?

  • We can represent you and operate on your behalf.
  • Providing expertise in operating inside and out of Africa.


II. Do you require assistance in the expatriation, mobility and integration of staff in Africa?

  • We help leading actors of businesses with their transition to the host country.
  • We can provide a single window of expatriation available 7/7 – 24/24.


III.  Do you wish to employ national consultants in Africa and elsewhere? Are you managing the logistics, payslips, legal charges and insurance for your employees?

  • We can provide local knowledge to help you within the countries that you operate in.
  • We can accompany you on cross-continental mobility, providing the national and international skills necessary.


Our knowledge of the African continent allows us to offer services that are closely aligned with your projects providing you with legal, social and fiscal security.



We actively participate in social and economic development of the areas we operate in. We create local jobs, both direct and indirect, while supporting the implementation of socio-economic programs that are expected by communities in host countries. We invest in the ongoing education of operations and maintenance staff, in order to make relationships sustainable.



  • Develop new markets in Africa thanks to our locations and our know-how.
  • Work with a trusted partner to ensure the success of your projects.
  • Mobilize teams for your projects and operations safely.
  • Operate fully in host countries: 100% Compliant.
  • Reduce your mobilization time.
  • Optimize your CAPEX and your OPEX.


(1) Our 10 African subsidiaries: Algeria, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Kenya, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Tunisia.

(2) Countries of our 18 African partners: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo Kinshasa, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, South Africa, Togo. Our partners undergo a qualification process aimed at confirming a foundation of common values ​​(ethics, quality, compliance), leading practices and know-how.