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International Recuitment Solution

Recruitment Solution is the fourth of our 6 services *.

Based on a centralized Sourcing & Talent department and on a network of 10 talent acquisition hubs located on 4 continents, we offer a powerful tool to screen, detect and secure those talents.

IOTA Group positions itself as a strategic partner to the in-house Customer’s talent acquisition teams and undertakes to support them during challenging staffing phases. We are aware about the local content challenges faced by emerging industrial nations and International companies.

We play a positive role promoting regional talents located in emerging provinces, connecting them to the leading regional industry stakeholders.



  1. Work scope: Based on the experience of our teams carrying multiple-scale recruitment campaigns, we understand and supports its Customer’s staffing requirements.
  2. Talent pre-screening: We establish the first candidates’ shortlist per the work scope, from our own specialists’ database.
  3. Talent Evaluation: As per the defined work scope we ensure the relevance of the candidate’s existing qualifications, skills and past work records.
  4. Talent shortlist & interviews: For each position, we will put forward a prime shortlist and coordinate interviews for the Customer’s teams involved in the selection process.
  5. Talent on-boarding: IOTA Group offers an ‘end-to-end’ solution and will also accompany the staffing process. during the offer finalization and on boarding process should the Customer require it.


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*Our other flagship activities are Talent Resourcing, Global Mobility Solution, Gateway Solution, Training, Expert Consulting.