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Gateway Solution - International wage portage - portage Salarial International

Gateway Solution is the third of our 6 services *.

Gateway Solutions is a comprehensive IOTA Group solution resulting from years of operation with International industrial partners across the most challenging regions of the world. Since 1982, IOTA Group kept on expanding its global footprint in 60 countries. IOTA’s network now encompasses 19 offices and 41 strategic agreements with trusted partners.
Gateway solutions empower IOTA Customers’ projects, leveraging IOTA’s global presence, a strong command over the local supply chains and a deep understanding of the extractive and power industries’ major challenges.



We strive to actively and ethically participate in the progress of emerging economies. This is an essential Value in IOTA Group’s dedication to develop and empower local skills and leverage diversity.

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*Our other flagship activities are Talent Resourcing, Global Mobility Solution, Recruitment Solution, Training, Expert Consulting.