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Christophe Woronin, SuperIntendant Lifting - Joseph Halb, Business Development Manager - Thomas Breugnot, Directeur West Africa – Bernard Simonin, Construction Manager du site d’extraction.

Last month, Thomas BREUGNOT, Director of IOTA West Africa and Joseph HALB, Business Manager, went to meet their clients and consultants in Sub-Saharan Africa. They especially visited Guinea Conakry on the Tinguilinta mining concession. Now discover the story of this adventure.


Why would IOTA Group multiply its presence in Sub-Saharan Africa?

Our clients are currently working on different projects in West Africa.
From the electrification of the area, to the distribution of energy, through the hydroelectric production, without forgetting the mining, the projects are not lacking.

Our clients are located in Africa or want to invest in the country, and need to work with local structures. They also need to recruit good local skills. They are looking for partners who are present in the countries where their projects take place.

To IOTA Group, the opportunity is huge! With our 10 African subsidiaries (1) and a network of 18 partners (2), we continue our development and reinforce our knowledge of the local specificities in the fields of the immigration of the expatriate staff, the management of the tax environment, labor law for nationals and posted workers.

We see ourselves as a partner of choice in supporting the establishment of stable entities on the African continent.


What is IOTA Group doing in Guinea Conakry?

As part of the GAC project (Guinea Alumina Corporation), our client, a large international group, was to build and supply the conveyors and crushers to extract Bauxite from the site. Conveyors and crushers are machines designed to break large rocks into small stones. They are used to reduce the size of a solid mixture of raw materials (such as bauxite ore) so that its individual components can be separated and transported easily to the aluminum processing plant.

With our know-how and our international experience, IOTA Group was selected for the launch of the project. Our mission consisted in identifying the professional specialists, builders of these large machines (conveyors and crushers).


How does regionalization contribute to the success of this project?

Our regionalization project consists in the creation of a think tank animating an eco / geo-system of sharing contacts, successes and needs with the other regional subsidiaries of IOTA Group in Africa.
We have involved subsidiaries IOTA Algeria, IOTA Tunisia, IOTA Congo and IOTA Gabon to recruit local and expatriate consultants as well as our network of partners. This enabled us to mobilize in Guinea Conakry a team of professionals from several African countries including Algeria, Tunisia, Gabon, Cameroon, and Congo. IOTA Group is responsible and guarantor of the integration in legal, social and fiscal compliance of its staff on the Guinean territory.
Today, our committed consultants work as Electrical Works Supervisors, Mechanical Assembly Supervisors, Logistics Managers, and others.
This regionalization is the result of the opening of the African market to international standards. By setting up in the countries, we contribute, at our scale, to its development by hiring premises, by participating in its economy.


What are the key factors of our success?

In this project, the key factors of our success are many:

  1. The identification and recruitment of expatriates from neighboring countries to Guinea Conakry(through our regional subsidiaries, and geographic partnerships).
  2. The speed of mobilization of the team thanks to the efficiency of our group logistic service (on which we will return shortly)
  3. Securing and monitoring immigration processes in compliance with local regulations.
  4. The “Mining” skill of the group.
  5. IOTA Group’s commitment in Africa for the development of regional solutions.


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(1) Our 10 African subsidiaries: Algeria, Congo Brazzaville, Gabon, Kenya, Mauritius, Niger, Nigeria, Uganda, Senegal, Tunisia.

(2) Countries of our 18 African partners: Angola, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo Kinshasa, Ivory Coast, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Conakry, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Mozambique, Rwanda, Sudan, South Africa, Togo. Our partners undergo a qualification process aimed at confirming a foundation of common values ​​(ethics, quality, compliance), leading practices and know-how.