Discover the interview with Yahya, our Country Manager for the Algeria subsidiary!

Country Manager Algeria - IOTA Algeria

How long have you been with IOTA Group?
Since almost 10 years, I have been taking part in the adventure of this family business with international radiance.
From 2006 to 2009, I was Business Development Manager in France. From 2010 to 2012, I worked in Qatar as Country Development Manager for the Abu-Dhabi subsidiary.
After a short absence, I joined IOTA Algeria in 2014, as Country Manager.

As Country Manager, what is your role?
My role is to manage the entire operations on the Algerian market from business development to marketing, operations and recruitment.
It’s a position that requires a lot of self discipline and organisation. It is a multifunctional role with multiple implications and ambitious objectives.

What do you expect for IOTA Algeria short-term development?
The Algerian Oil & Gas market is a very active one with many ongoing projects and many more to follow. Our objective is to provide quality services to our clients and to be present where the big projects are, for example Adrar, Hassi Messaoud, Illizi, etc in order to be close to the client, but also to our consultants. We aim at being a very important actor, even vital, on the talent resourcing scene for the oil & gas, as well as, for the infrastructure and the energy industries.
To achieve this, we implement a compliance policy linked to our service offerings, meeting the requirements of our Algerian and foreign clients.

Today, what is your recruitment strategy?
To enrich our pool of skills, we mainly recruit local talents based in Algeria.
Since 2016, we have created a sourcing hub in Algiers. This strategic choice enabled us to recruit the best Algerian engineers for our national and international challenges, especially for oil and gas projects.
Currently, we are in discussions with Algerian engineering schools to attract the best talents. In association with major contractors, we plan to train students in the energy professions so that they can be quickly operational.
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