Discover the Experience of our Consultant, Wolfgang, who is working as an Electrical Supervisor on projects all over the world!

During his current mission in India, he works for a global company specialized in high technologies. Since 1997, Wolfgang has joined IOTA Group as an Electrical Supervisor. Discover his interview:

Tell us yout career path?
After studying engineering in Electromechanics in Germany, I wanted a life of adventure and I started my career at the French Foreign Legion. For 5 years, I was an instructor in Close Combat.
Afterwards, I joined one of the leaders in the design, manufacturing and installation of IPB and SPB. I coordinated the construction and commissioning of these solutions around the world.
After 27 years in the same company, I wanted to change, so I joined IOTA Group on behalf of a global company specialized in high technologies.

In your work, what exactly do you do?
Today, I am building 220kV Switchgears* across 5 continents, especially in India (assembly, complex problem solving and commissioning). What I like about this job is the challenge of interacting with companies all over the world and discovering new cultures.

Why did you choose missions abroad?
I like working with other experts with multidisciplinary knowledge. My main motivations to work abroad are transmitting my know-how, learning in return, and confronting cultural and linguistic barriers.

Why did you choose to join IOTA Group?
I discovered IOTA Group through other consultants in the Industry and Energy sectors. It is a globally recognized, flexible, organized company that offers me all the security that I am looking for. I’ve been working for IOTA for almost 20 years and I still love my job.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?
If you come to Assiut in Egypt and ask for Mr. Wolf, everyone knows me! I trained 25 Karate-Club in the Kumite (conventional karate fight). I did the same thing in Northern Mexico at Piedras Negras. I also played in the football team of this Mexican city and we became Champions of the country. We went on television and in the Mexican newspapers! I am proud of my career at IOTA, my work, and the relationships I have created with the wonderful people I met.

*Switchgears: Refers to all the equipment used to switch on or off the portions of an electrical network.