Discover the experience of Omar, our consultant, who is working as a Telecom Project manager on mission in Gabon!

Since 2016, Omar has joined IOTA Group as a Telecom Project Manager. During his current mission in Gabon, he works for a French leader in the petroleum industry. Discover his interview:

Tell us your career path?
In 2006, after obtaining my diploma in telecom and networks engineering, I started working with a major Tunisian telecommunication satellite operator. Thanks to favorable economic conditions, I subsequently integrated the Satellite service as an optical fiber and satellite expert for one of the world’s largest telecommunications operators. In 2013, I joined the French leader in the oil&Gas industry as a Transmission Supervisor in Gabon. I was in charge of the operation and maintenance of the telecom infrastructure interconnecting its various Onshore and Offshore sites. I was juggling several technologies such as WIMAX, VSAT, microwave links, VHF radios and Fiber Optics. Since 2016, I joined IOTA Group as a Telecom Project Manager for the same oil&gas company.

In your work, what exactly do you do?
I work mainly in the management of telecom projects, technical assistance to the head of telecom department, and monitoring of the quality of operations and interventions. For the first quarter of 2017, the two major projects in place are the interconnection to the ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) Fiber and the deployment of the new PAGA system on the Offshore platforms. In the medium term, it will be necessary to analyze recurring problems, propose a plan of action, and drafting specifications for the separation of the telecom infrastructures by creating redundancy on inter-site transmission links. In the long term, it is the evolution of the transmission network in question, by renewing the obsolete equipment with new compatible equipment with the new needs.

Why did you choose missions abroad?
International experience is the key to professional success and greatly expands the individual horizon. This is an opportunity to meet new challenges and to further develop my technical experience that I have acquired in the two major telecommunications operators since 2006. Moreover, when an oil giant recruits you internationally , the choice becomes very easy, both professionally and personally.

Why did you choose to join IOTA Group?
I chose IOTA Group for its international dimension due to its wide network of consultants and recognized experts. It’s presence in Gabon and Tunisia (my native country) reinforced my selection. Furthermore, my choice was confirmed during my first interview with the Resident Manager of IOTA Gabon in Port Gentil. I thank him for his openness, transparency, and clarity of his answers to my questions.

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?
In 2014 in Gabon, with friends, we organized a whale watching trip. We were a dozen people. The trip started at 8:00 am, and the closest whale that we could see was 200 meters from the boat. At noon, a little disappointed, we decided to go back to the harbor and take a break. On the way back, we saw 3 whales that were jumping and only 50 meters away from us! The show was awesome!