“Holo IOTA” what is it? Discover our new 3D BIM Solution!

BIM - conception - construction - exploitation

Last November, we were in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to promote our new “Holo IOTA” solution, based on BIM (Building Information Modeling).


BIM (Building Information Modeling), What is it?
With BIM, it’s all about DATA and buildings. Nothing happens without information.
BIM is a process for creating and managing construction projects information throughout the lifecycle of the project.
Architects, engineers, and builders no longer only communicate and exchange among themselves. With the Operators, they share their knowledge through the BIM system and the cloud.
Thus, there is no more loss of information. We optimize the actions, costs, and delivery time of the project.


Why BIM?
Compared to a traditional process, the BIM process is carried out at the same time as the preliminary phase and the technical design; before the documentation of the construction phase.
Consequently, as the cost of change is exponential, our customers save money compared to a traditional process.


How it works?
From the architects plans and the engineers data, our partner “Stereograph” and its teams, composed of developers and designers, will create a BIM operating model of your infrastructure via a dedicated application.
This 3D model linked to real-time data (technical information, energy data, live video streams) will be used to exploit the infrastructure over time.
The platform used, Teia, is the first web and mobile solution (tablet, smartphone, hololens …) able to make a 3D model smart and connected. It is open and interoperable and can connect to all construction and industry systems.


Who are the professionals involved?
From the design phase to operation and via the construction phase, the 3D BIM hypervisor platform meets the needs of all players in the construction and industry sectors. Architects, Engineers, Building Owners, HSE Manager, Design Offices, Energy Specialists … All the experts who work in the building and construction industry.


Why use augmented reality glasses?
Today, this technology makes it possible to visualize any structure in augmented reality. This allows to enter the project in total immersion, and thus progress faster compared to a conventional procedure.
With this solution, whether you are an engineer, builder, architect, owner around the world or within any other field of the construction industry. You will never be alone again.


“Holo IOTA” what is it?
Holo IOTA is a solution that combines 3D BIM Technology , training and consulting expertise.
Once the conception of the BIM model of exploitation carried out, we accompany your teams for the use of our application. This tailor-made consulting service begins with a strategic analysis of your needs and an operational audit of your resources.
This technical approach allows us to evaluate your problem and offer you specific support.The costs are reduced because we act through very innovative digital solutions.
We connect you with our experienced experts who act in record time, without travel, and with a wide range of solutions.

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