Become a partner of the Alliance and develop new markets together!

In order to expand our network and increase our presence worldwide, we are launching the “Alliance Partnership”.

Why become a partner of the Alliance?

  • Are you a service provider with excellent knowledge of the industry?
  • Do you offer solutions that respect the regulations and ethical standards of your country?
  • Do you want to join an internationally recognized service group?

Join the “Alliance Partner” hub and let’s develop the markets together tomorrow!
Our selected partners receive full support from IOTA Group!
They are trained and equipped with the latest group processes, software management, human resources, and obtain a dedicated and complete commercial and technical support.

We consider Alliance partners as a member of our team.

Our partners are fully part of the development and growth of our ecosystem.
By becoming a partner of the Alliance, you can quickly and easily develop your business with our different qualifications.

Is your company qualified to apply?

We will lead a Throughout investigation to qualify our Alliance partners, with the support of our auditors.

How to become a partner?

From our contact form :

  1. Select the title: “Other Subject”
  2. In the email indicate the introduction: “Partner of the alliance”.
  3. Describe your activity in 500 characters.
  4. Specify your country and business sector.
  5. Indicate your contact details and a link of your website.

Our management team will contact you.

Join our ecosystem and learn more about our different levels of partnerships!